Live LEGO build for mental health Charity – your support needed

Brighton Bricks is a group for adult fans of LEGO in Brighton and Hove to meet up. Encouraging creativity and fun, meeting up once a month to play and build with Lego.

Nick Bright, the founder of Brighton Bricks said “We were approached by the Mind Charity shop on St James Street, Brighton about doing something for volunteers week which starts 1st June

“So we decided to do a live LEGOI build in the charity shops window, so it be something to draw people into the shop, also highlight how LEGO can help people, and also highlight our group and encourage people to join.

“I am also a big believer that LEGO, the little plastic brick is a great mindfulness activity, and really helps me with my own mental health issues

“To help us wit this project we need to raise money to enable us to buy the LEGO sets which we will then use for the live build. We want to purchase the biggest LEGO set wecan, one that will look the most impressive being built.

“We’ve lanuched a crwodfunding campaign. Everyone who donates will be thanked on our website, and through our social media channels.

“We plan on starting the build on the 1st June, and will carry on until it’s finished. After it has been built and displayed, the Mind Charity Shop will be raffling / auctioning off the set to raise money for the charity.”

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You can find Brighton Bricks on Facebook and Twitter and their Website

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