Help the Council design buildings and spaces for people

The Council are developing new guidance – the Urban Design Framework – to help shape buildings and spaces around the city. The aim is to make them easier to use and more attractive to people.

People experience spaces in the city in different ways. Some spaces can feel unwelcoming or may not be easy to use or move around in. In a densely populated place like Brighton & Hove some of the city’s public open spaces in particular are not always easily accessible.

As the city grows they will be presented with proposals to develop and build new buildings and places. This provides the opportunity to improve existing areas as well as making sure we get usable, flexible and high quality new buildings and attractive public spaces.

To help achieve this aim, the council wants to learn about your experience of the city to help create more welcoming buildings and public spaces through design.

Tell them about the places in your neighbourhood

Everyone in Brighton & Hove is invited to take part in a survey to share their views about the places they use and how they think these places could be improved.

All over the city there are close-to-home places that people have access to and enjoy spending time in. These can include parks, streets, squares, common areas of schools (eg playgrounds and playing fields), transport facilities and shopping areas.

Please fill in the survey at The survey is open until 13 September 2018.

The information you provide will help shape the Urban Design Framework which the council, developers and landowners will use to make sure buildings and spaces fit the needs and aspirations of everyone who lives, works, studies in and visits the city.

Stakeholder consultation

Talking to a wide range of stakeholder groups in the city will provide another opportunity for local people to inform design priorities so that the aspirations of different communities are reflected in the guidance.

Local community representatives, councillors, design professionals and developers are invited to give their views on the level of guidance needed. The results will form the basis of the guidance to be used when considering planning applications.

The ‘Issues and Options’ paper for the Urban Design Framework is inviting views on five key issues. These range from identifying priority areas for enhancement and design principles for buildings and public spaces to how to successfully accommodate taller development and manage change where it affects key views into and across the city.

Dedicated workshops for representatives of groups and organisations with a stake in the planning process will take place during the consultation period until 13 September 2018. For more information about these please email

Supplementary planning documents

The Urban Design Framework Supplementary Planning Document (UDF SPD) will be prepared over the next 18 months.

Find out more about supplementary planning documents 

The “UDF SPD” guidance will set out and provide good practice examples of the features high-quality, accessible buildings and spaces should be included when new larger planning applications are put forward.

Although the SPD will not make new or change existing planning policies, the council will use it to help achieve those policies – for example in building new high quality and accessible homes with usable outside space and to complement the ‘place-making’ policies to create attractive and successful public spaces.

Planning policies are set out in the City Plan Part 1 and City Plan Part 2. You can currently have your say on City Plan Part 2 The draft City Plan Part 2 builds on earlier consultation and stakeholder engagement undertaken in 2016 so it has included the views of local people from the beginning.

* Photograph courtesty of Adam Bronkhorst

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