College students took part in their own version of Robot Wars

College students took part in their own version of Robot Wars to round off the University of Brighton’s STEAM Summer School.

The enthusiastic participants were tasked with building “antweight” robots with the help of current university students before they battled their creations in a sumo-style contest.

Working in groups of five, they were given just 30 minutes to construct their robots from cardboard. The machines were powered by small electronic motors. Despite the limitations on time and resources the students manufactured a number of fully functioning designs.

The “antweight robot challenge” was part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) Summer School, which saw students take part in a range of talks, workshops and social activities over a three day period.

There were also social sciences, healthcare and humanities Summer Schools running over the same timeframe.

Second year Automotive Engineering student Alex Gander led the robot workshop and said the session gave participants a feel for an undergraduate engineering course.

He said: “This challenge gives them an insight into an actual engineering design process. You get concept ideas together, then your supervisors will ask you questions about them, and then you will go on to build a prototype and test it out.”

Johanna Harris, Outreach Coordinator at the university, oversaw the STEAM Summer School. She said it was “very rewarding” to see the students enjoying the experience and bonding as a group.

“Some of the students didn’t know anyone before they came but they’ve had a great time and made friends.

“In the STEAM summer school there is a wide range of activities so it gives them the chance to try out lots of different things. They are a great bunch of kids – it’s been really fun.”

Sport and Art and Design Summer Schools are taking place later in the summer.

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