Make a difference with a reverse advent calendar

December will soon be here and in homes across the country, cardboard doors will be opened in the traditional countdown to Christmas.

But others are choosing to reverse things this advent – with a calendar which gives back.

The idea is simple; instead of opening the door to a chocolate or picture, you do the giving.

People put aside a donation each day of advent, so they have a collection of goods ready to drop off in time for Christmas.

Some people start their collections early – to make sure donations can be distributed ahead of Christmas – and have been sharing their progress on social media.

And it’s not just edible donations – people have been collecting toys, clothes, toiletries and anything else someone in a less fortunate position might need.

How to make your own reverse advent calendar

Pick a charity, organisation or food bank you would like to donate to

Contact the organisation to find out what items they are most in need of and when you should drop them off

Put aside a box and – depending how creative you are – decorate it or add numbers

Get collecting and let the countdown begin!

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